Category 1  
The European Union and the Republic of Mauritius: Common values and heritage
Age: 16 – 18 years  

Description of the theme: 

The European Union and Mauritius have built a longstanding partnership of more than 40 years. This partnership covers, various areas such as political dialogue, economy, trade, fisheries, maritime security, education and climate change.  We expect candidates to express this relationship in an art expression and to portray the shared heritage, the common interests and values, the diversity and tolerance.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • •Candidates should be between 16 to 18 years old;
    •Candidates should be Mauritian residents;
    •Candidate should apply for the assigned theme of his/her category;
    • Candidates must submit original work. If a submitted work is copied from another artist or is plagiarized, the work will be disqualified from the art competition;
    •Candidates are allowed to submit only one art creation.

Deliverables of Projects:

  • Candidates should submit their art creation physically before the 1st of May at Create Worldwide, Albion Docks, Trou Fanfaron, Port Louis;
  • All art creations must be tangible (printed, framed) and should remain intact or in the same condition until the 31st of May;
  • All art creations can be submitted on any support that does not exceed the following dimensions: Height: 2 meters, Width: 1 meter, depth: 50 cm;
  • All candidates need to submit pictures of their work in progress to prove ownership of the submitted artwork;
  • Nudity, abusive words or sexual visuals are banned from the competition;
  • Intangible art expression such as dancing, singing, miming is excluded from this competition.

If one of the listed rules and regulations above is violated, the EU reserves the right to exclude the candidate immediately from the competition.

  • Candidates can register as an individual or as a group of four (4) individual maximum;
  • All registration should be done online via the registration form above;
  • All candidates should register for the competition before the 14th of April 2019;
  • To register as a group, the leader in charge of the group should fill in the above registration form, and mention in the registration form section the name of the other team members as well as the group’s name.

Note that once candidates have registered themselves in a group, they cannot compete as individuals.

    • All the art creations should be submitted before the 1st of May 2019;
    • While submitting his/her art creation, the candidate should fill in the Submission Form;
    • The role of the submission form is to introduce the artwork to the jury. It gives details about the candidate, his/her motivation and a brief description of the submitted art creation.

    • A pre-selection of all projects will be carried out by the EU. Out of all projects, 10 projects, (5 projects from each category) will be shortlisted for the award ceremony on the 31st of May;
    • For the award ceremony, the 10 shortlisted candidates will have 15 minutes to present their art creations in front of the jury;
    • The jury will be composed of 5 artists representing different forms of art;
    • The candidates will be assessed on their capacity to respect the category’s theme, the quality, the creativity, the sophistication of the art creation and the ability to convey a strong message through their work;
    • The jury will then select the three winners in each of the two categories.

    The participants will be assessed based on the following:

    • The accuracy in respecting the assigned theme as per categories;
    • The originality of their work;
    • The ability to convey emotions;
    • The creativity of the artworks.

    Force majeure
    The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius cannot be held responsible for force majeure, should the competition have to be modified or cancelled.

    Submission of an entry presupposes the acceptance of all competition conditions by the participants. No appeal on the method of the organisation or on the results of the competition will be accepted. The jury’s decisions will be final.

    Open Registration

    18th February 2019

    Closing Submission Date

    30th April 2019

    Preselection Announcement

    27th May 2019

    Award Ceremony

    6th June 2019

    Submit your artistic creation here!

    Date: Before Tuesday 30th April 2019

    Time: 09h00 – 15h00

    For assistance contact us on 260 04 14